EyeOnProgress’ construction camera services can benefit any company who wants to document, monitor or promote their construction projects.  We can customize the proper camera system to meet all of your needs for each particular project. 

Building Construction

Whether you’re building a one-story structure or a high-rise building, EyeOnProgress can accommodate all of your progress monitoring needs.  We’ll keep an eye on your project at all times, so you can view progress daily and better manage conditions at the jobsite remotely. 

Infrastructure Construction

Let EyeOnProgress document complex road and bridge construction to keep things on schedule.  Our cameras will be your eyes if you can’t be there in person to manage the construction project.  With images captured at specific time intervals, you’ll be able to see the progress made from any computer with an Internet connection.

Vessel Construction

EyeOnProgress isn’t limited to just building and infrastructure construction.  We can also install cameras to monitor progress on construction of ships, aircraft and other vessels.  Ensure safety compliance and the highest standard in construction and design with a customized camera solution from EyeOnProgress.

Disaster Recovery

A natural disaster can occur at any time, and EyeOnProgress is ready to help with the recovery phase.  Our customized camera solutions can help monitor your disaster recovery projects and aid in the rebuilding efforts in your community.